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Channeled drawing of Necross


A Necross is a space alien. While according to human lore, it is a sexual demon that heightens? a person's dark fantasies, i.e. rape, molestation, necrophillia, etc.

A Necross can absorb other people and their abilities or whatever it comes across? and have it become a part of it's own design, either by eating body parts or draining them using it's tail's sharp needle like tip? and it's acidic properties.

"It" meaning woman or man, can absorb other's body parts and have it replace their own. It can also create zombies that will become an extension of itself, in which the zombie will have red around the eyes and pale skin. The zombies have everything but their free will as they are extremely influenced by the Necross's thoughts.

Vampires should be aware that if they bite a Necross, they will automatically die, because their blood is black and because it is so foreign, that it is impossible to run-a-around. Werewolves stand a good chance against Necross's and Witches as well.

A Necross has blackish gray skin that reseambles asphault in the way it "sparkles" in the sun. It is very cold and tough to penetrate, as it is possible it could be diamond like. A Necross has two horns that sprout from it's head, spikes from it's shoulders and sharp claws. It has black hair, eyes, eybrows and nails. When they talk, it's in a gutteral "death" voice.

Apart from it's ability to absorb, one of it's most fascinating ways to kill somebody is to liquify itself, jump down somebody's throat and explode them from the inside. It is also rumored that the Necross can fire energy blasts, but this has not been proven yet.

If a person has the gene in them, they will gain the ability to turn Necrotic when they're 18. However, a Solar Eclipse will have to occur. There are fascinating myths as to how else a Necross can become itself.

  • Being Condemned By A Church
  • Commiting Suicide
  • Dying Violently
  • Drinking Water From A Pawprint Of A Scavenger
  • Kissing Somebody With Their Dying Breath
  • Having A Ressurection Spell Cast On You While Still Being Alive (This is the closest to being true)
  • Being A Un-Born Child In A Pregnant Woman That Has Been Absorbed By A Necross (This is True)

A Necross's weaknessess and strengths are the same as the individual's only heightened. If a person can't stand loud noises, then a Necross can probably be killed by loud noise. If a person loves the sun, then being out in the sun will make the Necross almost invincible.

The first Necross to be reported existing is a woman by the name of Megan Eva Klora Vicktra. She was a nurse down in Kinderfield, South Carolina. It is said through rumor mills that she was the daughter of Adolf Hitler, and she ran her own death camp called Uberheist when she was 20, which meant "The Great Slaughterhouse". She is single-handedly responsible for over 100,000 deaths.

Her son, AJ Walker is probably the most popular one to be a Necross. He committed a series of crimes that were attributed to him, mainly because all of them involved females, youngest being 9 to oldest being 40. One crime scene was especially fascinating to investigators because like another crime that took place,? several body parts? were missing.

The crime similar to this was Jack the Ripper's, in which his victim, Mary Kelly was virtually destroyed. In the case involving AJ, the victim's face, breasts, belly, and genetalia was missing. It is possible that he ate them, mainly due to the fact that AJ was known to reseamble a female because of his strong attraction to them, that he would make himself one in order to feel more beautiful.

If a Necross finds him/herself attracted to you, then you better know him/her personally and know their strengths and weaknesses, otherwise you are going to become a part of them. Simply put, If a Vampire is an ode to sexuality, then a Necross is an ode to Sexual Devience. They are not to romanticized.

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