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Necromancy,Endor Witch

Witch of Endor displaying necromancy


Necromancers or νεκρός μαντεία (nekrós manteía) (Translated as The Prophecy of the Dead Bodies) are humans who has practise the way of bending the rules of "life".They are known to be able to revive the dead(see below) and has even messed up with their own souls this lead to them being mostly mentally unstable.Necromancy is the art of controling the dead.

Most Necromancers have a item (need not be the same e.g.pencils not just one pencil, any can also be considered) which they use to press on their revivie before it wakes up, this item is called a medium.


Necromancers can revive the dead, its many ways are:

Zombies:Cut of a body's eyelids, inject special remedy*, then take their brains out. After a few days, the "zombie" will be about ready to awake, when they wake up, tell them someone is going around stealing brains and tell them that you are going to help them get it back. DO NOT GIVE THEM BACK THEIR BRAIN, they will get back their human memories and instint, know they got made use of and kill you, instead, start commanding them to "get back their brains" from who you plan to kill. If you no longer need a zombie, crush/burn their brains.

Ghost:As you kill a person, keep his eyes wide open and place a mirror in front of it. Write his/her name on the mirror. Then holding both the mirror and a red candle, call out that persons name 18 times he/she should appear before the 19 time, then before he/she appear aim the mirror at who you want to kill, the ghost should most likely to be very angry and will kill him on sight. After usage throw the mirror into fire or if you want to take the risk, you can use it again, though the ghost may not fall for the same trick twice, you can also try to make a deal with it.

Skeleton:Inject a special remedy* into a dead body, after 3 to 4 days dunk the body into hydrofluoric acid after another 3 to 4 days pick the body up after draining away the acid. Do not touch the acid, that is retard. Bury these bones back into the ground and wait for a week and there you have it, you do not need to make a deal or anything, just command them.Don't have to worry abot their bodies breaking apart, they can fix together with any body as long as you command it to do so.

Contacting the Dead:Necromancers can command his revivie to do whatever he wants even from far distance, they can also talk to animals that are under their control.(e.g. if the revivie is a bird, he/she can "talk" to it with human languages

Slightly twisted soul:Some Necromancers have altered their own souls. When they die, they transform into a form of "sprit" which are not exactly dead yet not alive. These pitiful beings hate the living yet fear the dead, nothing can understand its sadness. There is no way to kill them, they just slowly fade into nothingness. These "sprit" take the form of anything, including humans.

  • To create the "special remedy", you will require the blood of either a Necromancer, Shaman or Witches who can speak to ghosts with the latter being weaker at controling ghosts, the blood have a lower chance of working, a blood of the decendents of the stated threes will also work.


  • Necromancers these days can not revive the dead like in the movies.(e.g points at a grave, body wakes up.)
  • Ways of reviving the dead(above) may not work, or you may have a risk of dying while trying to mess with others' souls
  • Famous examples of necromancy works are: Zombie=Headless Horseman, Ghosts=Bloody Mary, and Skeleton=Jack(the head hunting reaper)
  • Necromancers still exist today, mostly in asia and africa.
  • In Renaissance magic, necromancy was classified as the first of the seven "forbidden arts" along with geomancy, hydromancy, aeromancy, pyromancy, chiromancy, scapulimancy.
  • Necromancy is the art of controling the dead and not Shamanism(Helping/working with the dead)
  • Necromancer in this current era will only revive small creatures, birds, insects to do their bidding as recklessly displaying powers will gain unwanted attention and may even get the necromancer into trouble.
  • Sane Necromancers are more common these days thanks to movies and video games.
  • Necromancers no matter how old or scary they look, are still ordinary humans, they feel emotion even if they pretend not to. Some Necromancer even look like everyday human, anyone you see on the bus may just be a necromancer. They are not monsters, just that i have no other website to post this <NaixKole~>

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