Ndesu is a gigantic humanoid B.O.W. that appears in Resident Evil 5. This brutish creature was created by the pharmaceutical corporation TRICELL and deployed in the small African nation of Kijuju. Ndesu was created based on El Gigante, a similar bio-weapon used in rural Spain by the terrorist cult Los Illuminados which utilized the Las Plagas parasite. Whereas the Gigante only used one Plaga, the Ndesu uses several.


The Ndesu is a humanoid creature that is two stories tall. Its dirty grey skin is covered in scars, it has a filthy grey beard, it wears spiked cuffs on its forearms and forelegs and torn shorts held up by a belt of rope. Hanging from its belt are the corpses of humans it has killed.


Ndesu relies on its sheer brute strength in combat. It can easily pick up people, vehicles and even uproot trees. It attacks simply by using its hands and feet to crush its victims and can lift large objects such as trees and boulders. It also charges enemies.


The Ndesu has multiple Type-2 Plagas within its body that make it extremely resilient to attack. However, it is not invincible; sustained fire from mounted weaponry such as miniguns can damage it. After taking so much damage, the Plagas within the Ndesu's body will emerge from the various scars all over it. Targeting and destroying the parasites will weaken the Ndesu further and destroying them all will cause the emergence of a larger Plaga from the beast's spinal column. Killing the spinal Plaga will kill the Ndesu.