Heel Natalie

Natalie Burke.

Natalie Burke was a character from the 1995 movie Werewolf (alternately titled Arizona Werewolf).


Natalie, an archaeologist, developed romantic feelings for Paul Niles, who became a Werewolf after Yuri attacked him with a Werewolf skull. After Natalie and Yuri both spot Paul changing at a bar, the pair attempt to capture Paul and take him back to the lab. Natalie later arrived at Paul's home and saw him in full Werewolf form, then chased after him when he pursued Yuri. Paul ended up killing Yuri in his lycanthropic form.

In the closing scenes of the film, Natalie herself changed into a Werewolf, making her slight transformation as she walked upstairs to Paul's bedroom. Regarding her physical appearance, the lupine Natalie had some facial growth, and her hairstyle resembled a slightly animalistic mane. No explanation was given for Natalie's transformation, and the film ends with her and Paul together in their Werewolf forms, with Natalie smiling in satisfaction and fully embracing her condition.

Natalie Evil Werewolf

Natalie as a werewolf.