The Napad (named after the Serbian word for "assault") is a type of B.O.W. from Resident Evil 6. This hulking armoured creature is a complete mutation born from a Chrysalid composed of multiple C-infected bodies fused together during the cocooning process.


Napads are bulky and tough, relying on brute strength in battle and will normally attempt to ram enemies. Much of their bodies are covered in hard chitinous armour. While this armour protects them from most firearms, there are a number of gaps in it, particularly around the back. The gaps in the armour serve as vents so that the Napad can expel jets of steam from its body. The Napad's mutation has greatly elevated its body temperature, causing it to evaporate much of its water content. This release of steam can be dangerous to attackers also as it is hot enough to scald human skin.


While the Napad's shell can easily deflect handgun and SMG fire, shotguns and explosives can shatter the armour and reveal the glistening muscle tissue underneath. There is a large white swelling on the creature's back, apparently a nerve cluster, which if stabbed or shot will kill the Napad.