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A magic mummy that's come to life


A real mummy

A Mummy is a deceased animal or human whose skin and organs have been preserved by either intentional or accidental exposure to chemicals,extreme cold,very low humidity,or lack of air. Mummies of humans and other humans have been found on every continent, both as a result of natural preservation through unusual condition, and as cultural artifacts.

Flesh EatingEdit

The undead mummies consume the fluids and vital organs of the living to regenerate their decomposed bodies and return to their living and fully empowered form; leaving the victim a desiccated skeletal husk. Said victims are often the unfortunate mortals who opened the scripture and/or book which resurrected the mummy. They are also wrapped in bandages.

Powers & abilitiesEdit

Mummies have many powers provided to them by their cursed nature which only grow stronger as they consume the living. They posses a greater strength, speed, movement, and endurance inherent in most immortals.

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