Morganan is a demon who appears in The Real Ghostbusters animated series. He strikes deals with mortals who summon him, offering them their greatest desires in exchange for their souls. He is always accompanied by an imp when on assignment which seems to be a requirement for his job. He only appears in one episode.

History Edit

In the episode "Chicken, He Clucked", Morganan is summoned by Cubby, a man with a pathological hatred of chickens. He requests that Morganan gets rid of every chicken on Earth. Perplexed by Cubby's bizarre wish, Morganan decides to grant him the power to make anything disappear. The following day, Cubby discovers that his wish has come true and he uses his power to banish all chickens to the Netherworld.

The Ghostbusters become aware of the disappearing chickens and confront Cubby, whom Egon had previously identified borrowing arcane books from the library. Cubby simply makes the Ghostbusters disappear as well, banishing them to the Netherworld. In the Netherworld, the Ghostbusters meet Morganan who summons them to his place of business. After his imp had spread word of his client and his strange request, Morganan's reputation suffered and he became a laughing stock among his kind. Morganan requested that the Ghostbusters find a way to trick Cubby into returning everything to how it was, thus breaking his contract and losing his power.

After Morganan returned them to Earth, the Ghostbusters built several small chicken robots in order to trick Cubby. Thinking that the robots were real chickens, Cubby ordered all chickens to go back where they came from, thus he unknowingly reversed his previous spell and brought all chickens back to Earth. Having broken his contract, Cubby lost the power that Morganan had given him and was then taken to an insane asylum by the Ghostbusters. Morganan continued to visit Cubby and tortured him by giving him chicken for his meals.

Appearance Edit

Morganan's appearance is based on the common depiction of demons and the Devil in Western culture. He is humanoid with horns upon his head, pointed ears and nose, clawed hands and has a bovine tail and legs. He also wears a grey trench-coat and fedora hat.

Abilities Edit

Morganan, as a demon, makes contracts with mortals in order to acquire their souls in exchange for granting their wishes. He has demonstrated the ability to teleport himself and others at will as well as bestow supernatural powers upon those who make bargains with him.

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