The Moon Palace is the lair of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It is from here that the villainous tyrants and their evil minions plot their schemes to destroy Zordon and the Power Rangers and conquer Earth.

Overview Edit

The Moon Palace is a large structure of unknown construction, though it is believed to have been built to protect the Zeo Crystal, as it was placed directly above where it was kept. It laid dormant for the 10,000 years Rita was trapped in her Space Dumpster, and she and her minions immediately set up residence inside when she was released.

During her original attacks on Earth, Rita and her servants often spent their time on the observation balconies, which gave Rita the perfect place to set up her Extreme Long Range telescope and spy on the Power Rangers. When Lord Zedd returned to conquer the Earth himself, he claimed a higher floor of the Moon Palace and turned it into his personal throne room, which became the new preferred location for everybody to meet. Other major areas in the palace included a large laboratory where Finster worked to create monsters and other evil devices, dungeons for containing intruders, and various doorways to other dimensions (which Rita and Zedd used regularly to trap humans and Rangers in).

In the beginning of Power Rangers Zeo, the Moon Palace fell under attack by the Machine Empire, forcing Zedd and Rita to abandon their home as it was reduced to a barely-standing wreck. Whether or not they moved back in after Zeo is unknown, though a scene in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie features Zedd and Rita trying to get some sleep in a room that may or may not be part of the palace. As of the end of Power Rangers in Space, the Moon Palace is presumably abandoned and/or destroyed.

Features Edit

  • Observation Balcony - The most regularly seen room in the palace, where Rita uses her magic telescope to spy on the Power Rangers.
  • Chamber of Commands - Lord Zedd's throne room.
  • Laboratory - Here, Finster crafts his many monsters and devices to assist Rita and Zedd's plans to conquer Earth.
  • Dungeons - Within this area are not merely cells but pocket dimensions for sealing away Zedd and Rita's enemies, leaving little possibility of escape.
  • Rejuvenation Chamber - Here, Lord Zedd enters his centennial regeneration cycle inside a magical casket.

Residents Edit

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