The Monster Minds are a group of mutant plant creatures that serve as the antagonists of the 1985 cartoon series and toyline, Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors. These creatures were originally engineered by a botanical scientist called Audric, who had intended to use his expertise in biotechnology to solve the problem of starvation on suffering planets across the universe. However, during one of Audric's experiments, a star went supernova and scattered radiation across the system. The plants in Audric's laboratory were affected by the radiation and mutated into intelligent, aggressive creatures. Thus, the Monster Minds were born.

After driving Audric from his laboratory, the Monster Minds set out on a mission to conquer the universe. Using ever-growing Expansion Vines, they extended their field of influence across multiple star systems. Audric went into hiding and was able to create a special magic root capable of destroying the Monster Minds. However, he knew that his creations would come for him and try to destroy the root, so Audric split the root in two, giving one half to his Eternal Squire Oon to pass on to Jayce, Audric's son. Audric disappeared across the stars, but Jayce and the Lightning League vowed to find him and unite the magic root in order to put an end to the Monster Minds' reign of terror.

Types of Monster Mind

Monster minds

In the Wheeled Warriors cartoon, there are five original Monster Minds that serve as the leaders of the Monster Mind army. The Monster Mind soldiers are all clones of the original five that grow from the Expansion Vines that have grown across star systems and overrun entire planets. The Monster Minds are bio-mechanical and have both a humanoid shape and the more commonly seen vehicle form.

  • Saw Boss - The leader of the Monster Minds. His Saw Trooper units have fanged faces on their fronts and are equipped with huge buzz-saws attached to vines.
  • Gun Grinner - A Monster Mind that resembles a Jeep. It has a set of laser guns sticking out of the mouth on its front and a vine on its back that ends in a barbed flail.
  • KO Kruiser - A truck-shaped Monster Mind with an angry face on its front. The vine on its back clutches a large green ball for crushing opponents.
  • Terror Tank - A Monster Mind tank armed with a powerful cannon and a vine that ends in a monstrous snapping mouth with four large fangs.
  • Beast Walker - The largest variety of Monster Mind and the one that appears the least often throughout the show. On the battlefield, it appears as a huge four-legged robot armed with many laser weapons.