Mindless Ones Marvel XP

The Mindless Ones are extra-dimensional creatures from the Marvel Comics universe. Appearing as humanoid golems made of stone, these monsters - true to their name - are savage and unintelligent, knowing nothing but death and destruction. The Mindless Ones were originally created by the mystical entity known as Plotka for the purpose of hindering the expansion of his rivals' empires, being released into their realms when they encroached upon Plotka's own domain. These beasts have also been seen under the control of the demon Dormammu who acquired them after conquering another world that they were already attacking.

Physiology Edit

Mindless Ones appear to be made of stone. They have short dome-heads with a single narrow eye, four digits on each hand and three on each foot.

Abilities Edit

Mindless Ones are considerably stronger than humans. They can also emit laser-like beams from their eyes that destroy anything they touch. Their most dangerous aspect is their numbers; they always attack in groups and, being unhindered by emotion or intelligence, attack without any regard for their own well-being.

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