MMPR Mighty Minotaur

The Mighty Minotaur is a monster from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, appearing in the third episode "Teamwork".

History Edit

Rita Repulsa sent the Minotaur down to Earth to dispatch the male Power Rangers while Kimberly and Trini were busy fighting off Putties at the waste dump. Although the team reassembled later, even the combined efforts of all the Rangers could not stop the Minotaur who seemed to be immune to their Blade Blasters and even the Zords. However, Zordon would later grant the Rangers the Power Weapons which the group combined to form the Power Blaster. The Power Blaster destroyed the Minotaur with one shot.

Abilities Edit

  • Immunity - The Mighty Minotaur was impervious to the Rangers' Blade Blasters and standard attacks. He could even shrug off an attack from the Megazord Tank Mode.
  • Energy Blasts - The Minotaur could cast magical lightning from his horns.
  • Fire Breath
  • Armaments - The Minotaur carried a mace and shield.

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