Metapod is a Bug-type Pokémon and the cocoon form of Caterpie. Its soft body is protected by a hard shell while it undergoes metamorphosis into its final form, Butterfree.

Pokédex Data Edit

Metapods live in woodland areas and can be found dangling from tree branches by threads. Their hard shells protect them whilst their bodies metamorphose, remaining completely inanimate during that time. In truth, Metapods can do little else. They are unable to fight while in their cocoons and about the only thing they can do is harden their shells, making it difficult for predators to damage them.

Abilities Edit

Metapod's ability range is severely limited due to its immobility.

  • Shed Skin - In the event that Metapod is afflicted with poison, it can cast off a layer of its shell to prevent the poison from spreading and causing it harm.
  • Harden - Metapod strengthens its shell with additional epidermal layers. It is capable of becoming almost as hard as steel.

Evolution Edit

Metapod hatches from its shell as Butterfree when it reaches Level 10.

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