A scary Megalodon

A much scarier looking Megalodon


The Megalodon attacks a group of prehistoric sperm whales.

Megalodon is a giant legendary shark that roams the warm waters of North America. He weighed in at about 50 tons or more, his average size was 15m (49 ft) long but he could grow much much longer, with 30m (100 ft) individuals weighing in at about 80 tons. He ate a range of foods from giant turtles to seals to full grown adult whales! He would ambush his prey by hiding beneath them and then attacking them by speeding through the water until his huge jaws smashed into the prey. He's thought to look like a gigantic great white shark but what ever The Megalodon looked like he must have been a terrifying sight. Megalodon was a real shark, he's dead now of course, but some people think he's still alive, and they have very good proof of that, because pictures of a whale scythed in half surfaced in Hawaii, followed by a 30 meter shark attacking a sperm whale right in front of a beach.

It seems that the huge shark had a massive head, judging by the fact that 1/3 of the whale was dissected with one bite, and the crowds also found a huge tooth in the dissected body. Whether or whether not it was a Megalodon, it definitely should get the biologists excited!


Estimates of Megalodon range from 39-101 feet long and a jaw width of 7 feet or more.


Fossils of Megalodon teeth and the occasional bone have been distributed all over the world, except for cold water regions. Its fossils are most common in Europe and North America


Megalodon fossils date back to the late Ologocene at around 28 million years ago to the Pleistocene barely 1 or 2 million years ago. If they are still alive today, sightings of Leviathan are more explainable.


Nothing was off-limits for Megalodon! Whales, sealions, even other Megalodons!


Megalodon was not alone in the big predator list of its time. Livyatan was a massive 17m long predatory whale of the same age that was easily a rival. In shallow waters, it could have encountered Purrusaurus, a giant crocodilian almost 15 m long that probably frequented the shallow seas. There were also packs of Brygmophyseter (a species of sperm whale) and Squalodon (a killer whale sized cetecean with a narrow snout filled with razor sharp teeth)

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