Medusa necromorph

The Medusa is a type of Necromorph that appears in Dead Space 3. This Necromorph is formed from recombinated tissue of a lifeform native to Tau Volantis and is only encountered in zero-gravity areas. The main body of the Medusa consists primarily of large, explosive pustules that many Necromorph types have. The body has a long tentacle dangling beneath it and is surrounded by four long, spindly limbs with glowing joints swollen with explosive pus.

Medusas attack by launching explosive organic projectiles at prey or slam targets at close range with their limbs. Shooting off their limbs will kill them, as will detonating the pus sacs on their bodies, though doing this will release several projectiles upon the creature's demise. Medusas are usually best avoided altogether.

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