Mater Q was a character who appeared in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.


A woman of indeterminate age and dressing in whatever manner of clothing appears to hand, Mater Q is quite hideously deformed, possessing a face that has taken on some of the qualities of the bats with which she shared so much of her earlier life with.


In the caves of Ephyra, Mater Q gathered to herself a cult, with whom she practiced the darks arts of necromancy and issued forth prophecy. Selecting exclusively the spirits of dead children for use in her magics, Mater gave her predictions only in the form of enigmatic statuettes created from the guano excreted by her constant companions, the bats.

Unfortunately for Mater, the great earthquake of '46 exposed her subterranean lair to the light of day; those who had believed her to be a woman of divinely ageless magnificence saw the horror that they had once revered, and her coterie was forced to spirit the witch away before her former devotees could visit their mob-justice upon her. Mater's cultists eventually brought her to the secretive city of Midian, where they left her at the gates of that dark place before burying themselves alive in one ultimate, black act of worship.

There, Mater Q was free to practice her forbidden arts unmolested in the company of the Tribes of the Moon, creatures who would not judge her in the way her former countryfolk once did; indeed, certain amongst of the 'Breed actively encouraged such pastimes . . .

What became of Mater Q after the Sons of the Free attacked and destroyed Midian is unknown.

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