A Manticore

The manticore is a legendary magical creature originating from Persian folklore. It is similar to the Egyptian sphinx in that it is a magical hybrid that is largely feline. It possesses the body of a lion, a long scorpion-like tail, and sports an expansive pair of wings upon its back much like those of a bat or even a dragon. Persian mythology also originally describes the manticore as having a human face, though this particular trait has been overlooked or dismissed over time and so the creature has generally been described in modern times as having a lion's face.

The manticore is said to be a ferocious predator that feeds on human beings. Its scorpion tail delivers a poisonous sting that can either paralyze or kill prey, allowing the monster to devour its victim whole, leaving no bones, clothing or possessions behind.

Popular Culture Edit

Television Edit

  • Marcie Fleach dressed as the Manticore in the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated episode Menace of the Manticore.
  • A manticore appears in the pilot episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The beast attacks the Mane Six characters but is only lashing out due to a thorn in its paw. Fluttershy pulls the thorn from the manticore's paw and it thanks her by licking her.

Video Games Edit

  • Manticores appear in all the Scribblenauts games.

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