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Mannequins in Lima

Two mannequins after exposure to magic.

Mannequins are a common theme in horror fiction.


A mannequin is a humanoid dummy usually designed for outfit displays. They appear in different portions for different purposes; full bodied for outfit display, upper half for shirt displays, lower half for pants displays, etc.  However; only full bodied mannequins can come to life, so only worry about those.  

Like most 3 dimensional humanoid displays, like statues, mannequins have a nasty habit of coming to life on exposure to magic. However (being more primitive than their statue kin); mannequins rely on a low level telepathic field, through which the pack shares hive mind, rather than each one having an individual mind of its own. This pack mind inhabits an alpha mannequin, through which it controls the rest.  It will grow more intelligent the more mannequins are connected to it, but it will still always rely on instinct.  

A pack of living mannequins can either be created by a magic creature giving them life, or by being exposed to magic by accident (and it's the same way with statues).  In the case of a magic using creature giving mannequins life; said magic using creature will have control over the pack mind, and be able to use the pack of mannequins as minions.  This same process can be used on statues, but mannequins are more commonly used.  This is for the reason of statues each having a separate mind of their own, as well as nature identical to that of a human, which makes them harder to control.  If the creature controlling the mannequins is killed; the pack mind will either die from shock, or survive (resulting in an independent mannequin pack).  In the case of mannequins coming to life from accidental exposure to magic (as in their store becoming haunted, or magic being performed around them), the result will be an independent mannequin pack.  The mind of an independent pack has the same basic and subhuman nature that a controlled pack mind has; except instead of having the goal of serving a master to occupy itself with, the pack mind automatically selects the primary goal of all life in general (survival). Nonliving mannequins can be recruited by any pack, but living mannequins cannot be recruited by force.  However, separate packs can and will meld minds and become one pack at mutual will.

Living mannequins are more flexible than one might expect, and cannot feel pain.  They can, however, be easily disabled physically, and can be defeated by several magic spells. 

Society and CultureEdit

Mannequins live together in packs. These packs commanded by the alpha mannequin, which is the host of the packs hive mind. Due to the fact that the pack has but one mind, these creatures obviously do not socialize with each other. However they do actively communicate with separate packs, officially, not socially. These interpack communications usually end with the packs in question; A Desiding to meld minds and become the same pack.  B Desiding to destroy each other.

A controlled mannequin pack's one and only goal is fulfilling it's master's will.  When these mannequins are off duty; they stand around in their headquarters doing nothing whatsoever, except mannequins acting as sentries or guards.

An independent mannequin pack's one and only goal is survival, and as you might suspect, these creatures would survive much better in a world were humans did not reign supreme. This kind hides out in the uninhabited places of the world, sewers, ghost towns, abandoned mines, etc.. They only attack small groups of humans, as the pack mind is smart enough not to declare outright war on humanity.  However; it is their goal as a species to become powerful enough for such a war, and many secret forces, good and evil, are trying to stop them from reaching that point.  Independent packs are always trying to increase their strength, numbers, and intelligence by recruiting other mannequins.  They never miss an opportunity to collect more mannequins (so if your a store owner, be sure to stay alert, especially at night); and they always meld minds with other independent packs.  They often take over abandoned mannequin factories so as to manufactior their own soldiers.

Dependent and independent mannequin packs are usually enemies.  Independent packs usually attack dependent packs; A To kill their master; thusly turning the dependent pack into an independent pack that will join with them, or a bunch of dead mannequins that can be turned into pack members.  B Because their master is an enemy of the pro-mannequin movement.  C All of the above.  

However, they can sometimes work side by side.  Mannequins (for obvious reasons), are always tempararily siding with other creatures for personal gain.  However, they know no permanent allegence to any species; and if they ever conquered the humans, their next goal would be to stamp all the lesser species that serve as potential threats.  This is merely due to the fact that by eliminating races greater than or equal to them in strength, they (the mannequins) insure their survival as a species.

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