"(It is) half man, half bear and half pig" Al Gore- April 26, 2006

An animal that is supposedly "half man, half bear and half pig" although a more accurate description would be one third man, one third bear and one third pig, Meanbearpig is a monster that ostensibly wants to destroy all of humanity. The existence of Manbearpig was first brought to public knowledge by former Vice President Al Gore. Before creating the controversial documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and beginning his campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change, Gore spearheaded a short lived movement to find and kill the creature. Gore toured schools across America, giving speeches and presentations about the dangers of Manbearpig.

Very little is actually know about Manbearpig aside from the vague and often biased details about him stated by Gore. It is believed Manbearpig lurks in caves and heavily wooded areas. A creature resembling Manbearpig was witnessed exiting the portal to Imaginationland years later.


He´s half man half bear and half pig. I´m super cereal.


A genetically-engineered Manbearpig! The world is doomed! Cereally!


Al Gore raising Manbearpig awareness! Excelsior!!!!

His true origins remain a mystery. It's unknown if Manbearpig is a naturally existing creature or some kind of genetic experiment created by the government or a private corperation, or just the product of the nonsensical imagination of our former Vice President.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Increased Strength: Manbearpig has the combined strength of the three animals that make him up. He is strong enough to maul a human easily, and can break through solid steel.
  • Weather Manipulation: It's possible Al Gore's hatred of Manbearpig can be traced to his ability to cause climate change.

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