Manbearpig is an imaginary cryptid appearing in the South Park franchise, first mentioned in the episode of the same name, that is constantly being hunted by Al Gore, despite being non-existent. Although the creature is revealed multiple times to be fictional, even in the franchise's own universe, Manbearpig has officially appeared in the Imaginationland trilogy, as well as the video games South Park:  Tenorman's Revenge and South Park: Let's Go Tower Defence Play! Judging by the creature's size and musculature, it can be assumed Manbearpig possesses great strength. However, it's abilities are only known to Al Gore, who probably doesn't know half of them himself, despite being the only person with knowledge on the creature.

Appearance Edit

According to Al Gore, Manbearpig is half man, half bear and half pig, despite the fact that this makes no logical sense. It is depicted in drawings to be a humanoid creature covered in fur, with hooves, claws and a pig's snout and ears. However, during the few appearances of the actual Manbearpig, it is shown to be a different creature entirely. It's legs and the left side of its body are human, whilst the right side is bear, with a large, clawed paw at the end of it's right arm only, its left ending in a human hand. The head of Manbearpig is half-bear, half-pig, with the bear half covering the right side and lower jaw, and the pig half covering the left.

Trivia Edit

  • Though Manbearpig's origins are unknown, it is rumoured to be a creation of Dr. Alphonse Mephesto. If this is true, the creation is one of few inconsistencies amongst his creations.

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