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The Manananggal is a demonic creature similar to a vampire or succubus that originates from the Philippines. This monster uses a special oil (oil made by witchcraft etc.) every midnight and it is different to other vampires because it grows huge bat-like wings, a pair of fangs and sharp claws. Its upper body (from head to waist) is capable of separating from its lower body and can move independently. The Manananggal is noctural, only hunting by night. Most of its kind are female.

The Mananangal primarily hunts pregnant women in order to feed on the unborn fetus within the woman's womb. It uses its long, proboscis-like tongue to penetrate the womb and suck out the heart or stomach or the unborn infant. The last sightings of this monster is in a province in Philippines was on 2011.

Known Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced strength: Manananggal are significantly stronger than humans.
  • Enhanced Speed: Manananggal are much faster than humans.
  • Weather Manipulation: They can manipulate the weather, creating gale-force winds that can bend or uproot trees.
  • Flight: These Creatures can fly using their wings.
  • Shape-Shifting: Manananggal commonly shape-shift into cats, dogs and crows.
  • Enhanced Senses: Manananggal have highly acute senses of sight, smell and hearing.
  • Night Vision: Manananggal can see clearly in the dark.
  • Human Transformation: The Manananggal can transform into a beautiful woman.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Salt - Supposedly, Manananggal can be repelled by casting salt into their innards which are exposed due to the creature's body being split in two.
  • Sunlight - A Manananggal can be destroyed by the sun's rays so long as its torso and legs have been separated.
  • Religious Icons - Like traditional vampires, the Manananggal is vulnerable to holy artefacts.
  • Garlic - Garlic may repel Manananggal like other vampires. In the province of the country where it originated, people put garlands of it at windows and doors so that they may be protected.

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