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Manananggal is a succubus that originates from the Philippines. This monster uses a special oil (oil made by witchcraft etc.) every midnight and it is different to other vampires because it grow its huge bat-like wings, pair of fangs and sharp claws its upper body (from head to waist) leave its lower body. It hunts its victim every night but sometimes when the moon is full. It returns to its human form before the night is over. Most of its kinds are female.

You may know if the Mananangal is in search for prey is when the wind blew bend. Most of its victims are pregnant women or some farm animals, it removes its victim's heart/stomach or the unborn infant. The last sightings of this monster is in a province in Philippines was on 2011.

Known Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced strength: they are thought to carry humans easily, they have great strength, which can be deadly.
  • Enhanced Speed: they are more faster than humans, they're best weapon for hunting prey.
  • Weather Manipulation: They can manipulate the weather, which made some trees bend due to strong wind.
  • Magic Spell: mananggal is probably a witch, they are highly capable of learning to manipulate Magic
  • Flight  These Creatures can fly using their wings.
  • Shape-Shifting: they can transform into any animals, but Manananggal commonly shape-shifts Cats,Dogs,Crow. but many Filipinos distinctively classify these creature based on it's red eyes and commonly it's black color.
  • Enhanced Senses; they can smell host, a farm animal or pregnant women.
  • Night Vision: they can see clearly in the dark.
  • Human Transformation: They can transform into a beatiful women form, to hide their true form.

There are 3 ways to defeat one and a way to repel it:

1. Salt - Search for its half body (This maybe hard to find) and put a half-cup of salt in its internal organs, this will hurt it. Sometimes this effects but sometimes the upper body parts return and find who put the salt in its body.

2. Sunlight - find its half and hide it somewhere that the monster don't know. If it not find its half before the sunrise it will be burn to ashes.

3. Religious Icons - like other vampire it can't defeat the power of God. This monster cannot enter holy grounds when they are in there monster form but it's effect is for the night only because in day time it can enter it using it's human form.

4. Garlic - garland of garlic may repel it like other vampires. In the province of the country where it originated put garlands of it at windows and door so that they may protected.

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