Hunter R-0

The MA-125 Hunter-R is a Hunter-class B.O.W. that appears in the Resident Evil Outbreak games. This variant of the Hunter resembles a humanoid crocodile, with a more elongated muzzle and scaly spikes all over its back.


The Hunter-R was developed in Umbrella's underground research complex in Raccoon City. It was intended to be a lighter, faster variant of the original Hunter "α" model, though its decreased mass did make it less durable than its predecessor. Several R-types escaped amidst the chaos brought on by the T-virus outbreak in the city. They killed several researchers before they were stopped by a rapid drop in temperature in their lab wing. The frozen Hunters were thawed out after a group of refugees from the outbreak ventured into the labs and raised the temperature again. They were able to take out the creatures first, luckily.


The Hunter-R is lighter and more nimble than the original Alpha model and uses its claws to quickly slash the throats of its prey. Though faster, it is also weaker and cannot take as much damage before succumbing to injury.