The MA-121 Hunter "β" is a Hunter-class B.O.W. that appears in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. A variant of the original Alpha model, the Beta's creation was the result of Umbrella's attempt to accelerate the Hunter development process. The final product was deemed unsatisfactory and only a handful of Betas were created, all of which were destroyed during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


The Beta series were created in Umbrella's underground complex in Raccoon City and ran amok during the T-virus outbreak. The experiments yielded mixed results; the Beta Hunter's left arm outgrew its right, and while their speed and reaction time was enhanced, they lacked the combat prowess of the Alphas. Another unforeseen side effect was the appearance of numerous tumour-like growths over its head and back, which obscured its vision and created weak points. Because of these mutations, the Beta Hunters were never mass-produced and were destroyed along with Raccoon City.


The Hunter "β" possesses similar fighting ability to its predecessor, but with heightened speed and reflexes. Its left arm is longer than its right, giving it a slight increase in striking range. Due to its leaner build and the presence of the tumour-like growths on its upper back and head, the Beta isn't as durable as the Alpha. The growths on its head also partially cover its eyes, obscuring its vision and reducing its combat effectiveness.