The MA-121 Hunter "α" is the first of Umbrella's line of Hunter-class B.O.W.'s. They have appeared in several Resident Evil titles.


The Hunter "α" was the first fully functional and marketable B.O.W. created by Umbrella. These creatures were developed by injecting human embryos with reptilian DNA and administering the T-virus as a bonding agent. The final product was a hunchbacked, lizard-like humanoid with green scales all over its body and long, gangling arms. Its digits end in razor-sharp claws for tearing prey to pieces in very little time.

When they encounter a target, Hunters let out a terrifying, unnatural shriek before they attack. They are relentless creatures that will not stop pursuing their prey until it is dead. They have basic intelligence and are capable of following simple orders, but are also dangerous to handle and will go berserk if they are hungry. After the T-virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Umbrella began developing new Hunter models and the Alpha models were rendered mostly obsolete, though they have continued to be a best-seller on the bioweapons market since Umbrella's dissolution, appearing in bioterror incidents such as the Terragrigia Panic of 2004.


The Hunter "α" is both strong and agile. It has keen senses of sight, sound and smell and will pursue its prey relentlessly. It uses its extended arms and legs to run at an athletic pace and is capable of jumping great heights and lengths. It can also use its claws to cling to walls momentarily and then jump off to attack prey or evade attacks.

The skin of the Hunter is thick and tough; normal handgun fire is unlikely to cause fatal injury before the creature closes in for the kill. The Hunter "αcan swiftly decapitate a human being with one swipe from its claws.