A Lurker about to dive into its tunnels.

Lurkers (Russian: Кикимора - Kikimorah) are a pack-based species of burrowing mutants in the video game adaptation of the novel Metro 2033. They are believed to be evolved from rats.


Lurkers are smaller than most mutants, with a hairless body, a distinctive face with an odd jaw and beady eyes. Their skin is pink. Because of their basic body shape, Lurkers are believed to have either evolved from rats, or be a younger version of the Watchers on the surface, making them evolved wolves. However, they prefer the darkness of their tunnels throughout the metro rather than the light on the surface. They possess a second pair of eyes, which are believed to be useless, simply because they are milky white, a sign of blindness.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Scavenger and pack mentalities - Lurkers rarely attack alone, prefering a pack behind them. They also never attack large groups, but rather lone humans or mutants.
  • Stealthy - Lurkers use ambush and hit-and-run tactics to overwhelm their prey.
  • Tunnelers - Lurkers can be found easily, just by searching for holes in the ground. They'll never attack from a hole their prey is watching, however.
  • Extremely fragile - One revolver round to the head will kill a Lurker instantly, whereas 2-3 anywhere else will have the same effect. This makes them simpler to kill than most mutants in the series.