Luggnagg de Krumeggnic is a member of the Zoalord Council in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour. His name is an allusion to the works of Jonathan Swift; in Gulliver's Travels he describes the land Luggnagg, where immortal (but miserable) people live, and has a port town called Clumegnig. Krumeggnic himself heralds from India and rules over Africa following Cronos' rise to power.


Since Cronos' domination of Earth, Krumeggnic has become disillusioned with Archanfel's lack of leadership. Considering the threat posed by the Guyvers, he along with Zoalords Jabir and Khan have abandoned the council and travelled to Japan to personally see to Sho Fukamachi's elimination. Krumeggnic acts as the de facto leader of this band of rogues and is responsible for organising the creation of the Unas and the recruitment of former Zoalord Richard Guyot to their cause of taking over Cronos.


Krumeggnic possesses the ability to control Zoanoids telepathically like the other Zoalords. During the destruction of Relic's Point, he also demonstrated he is capable of creating "force spheres" that have armour piercing abilities and which he can make appear even from a considerable distance. Beyond that, nothing else is known about his powers and his battle form has yet to be revealed.