Lude, also known as Devil Lude, is a character from Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed and it's comic-book spin-offs.


With skin of obsidian, two recurved horns, a pair of small protrusions on his chin, and wicked talons, Lude resembles nothing so much as a classic Christian demon. He is a capable combatant and prefers to garb himself in bright, floral-pattern clothing.


When asked what his father's name was, Lude will reply "Papa." When pressed if a devil had a hand in his conception, he will respond with "Yes." Lude makes no issue of the fact that the blood of the Old Gods runs through his veins; only the prejudices of those who drove the Tribes of the Moon to the edge of extinction name Lude's tribe as Evil personified. Spawned from the union of a satyr-god and a mortal woman named Andrea Pate, Lude's mother disowned him at birth, left him on a mountain to die, and joined the Sisterhood.

Lude survived, however, and the tale of this feat is an epic one which he is happy to share. After a five year search, the child-like Nightbreed finally found his mother, and says that he tricked her into breaking her vow of silence with a laugh that he tells cracked the bell in the convent tower. For the next year, Lude lived with Andrea until her untimely death the following spring, whereafter he found his way to Midian and took his place amongst the Tribes of the Moon.

During the attack on Midian by the xenophobic Sons of the Free, Lude was one of those who participated in the failed defence of the city, and afterwards escaped to temporary sanctuary along with many of the other 'Breed.

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