Ragers are a subspecies of Locust that have only appeared in Gears of War: Judgement. While they might appear similar to the standard Locust drones, they have a more gaunt, wiry body structure and do not wear armour. It is said that the Ragers only appeared early on during the Locust War as their reckless methods of fighting eventually led to their extinction.



In their "docile" state, Ragers don't act much differently to drone snipers. They maintain a distance from their human opponents and regularly dash between different covers to throw COG troops off-balance. They are armed with Breechshots: modified Gorasni Markza rifles that have had their scopes removed and had axe bayonets attached. The Breechshot is a straight-pull, bolt-action rifle with 4-round magazines that can pack a stronger punch than the ordinary Markza.



When a Rager has been heavily wounded in battle, it will go berserk and transform into an even larger, stronger form with red-hued skin and bony spikes growing out of its shoulders. These maddened Locust will then discard their weaponry and attack humans by charging them wildly and ripping them to pieces with their elongated claws. Ragers can be significantly difficult to avoid when they rage out and just as hard to kill without the proper weapons. The best means of killing a berserk Rager is to blow it up with explosives or use other heavy weapons, otherwise aiming for the head or using a Lancer chainsaw on one from behind. Of course, the best way for dealing with Ragers is to kill them with headshots before they can transform at all.