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Little Chrissy
Universe Muppet
Homeworld Sesame Street
Habitat Red
Size 15 inches
Diet Coal and Water
Language Baby language
Sapience Level Red
Hand Type Hand Rod Puppet
Subspecies English

Little Chrissy is a dark blue Anything Muppet Monster with the early design of Harvey Monster, but with a moving jaw. He is a member of The Frazzletones. One of his friends are Frazzle, The Alphabets, Elmo and other original and monster characters. Originally, he is a piano player as the regular version of himself.


  • The difference between the regular and monster versions of Little Chrissy are alike, the hair and the voices are the same, but the regular one has a little pink nose, glasses and clothes and the monster version is the same as the regular one but the character is made out of the early version of Harvey Monster, the nose is big and darker, has 2 squared teeth, dark blue fur and the sunglasses lens are darker.
  • Frazzle is the only song appearence that Little Chrissy appears as a monster being puppet.

Names in other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
JapaneseリトルクリッシーLittle Chrissy
EnglishLittle Chrissy
SpanishPoco ChrissyLittle Chrissy
Frenchpetite ChrissyLittle Chrissy
Germankleine ChrissyLittle Chrissy
GreekΜικρή ChrissyLittle Chrissy
ItalianPiccola ChrissyLittle Chrissy

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