Lilith is a character from Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.

Description Edit

Also known as the Mother of Monsters, Lilith is the Master of Malifaux and one of the ruling trinity of the Neverborn (the others being Pandora and Zoraida). One of the many of her kind who can seem to be something other than she is, her true appearance is unknown, save by other Neverborn, although as one of the Nephilim it can be assumed that she has something of a demonic visage. When walking amongst men, however, she appears as a beautiful woman with long red hair, a dangerously seductive smile, and an enormous greatsword which she is capable of wielding to deadly effect.

History Edit

When men first came to Malifaux during the time known as the Great Breach, many of the Neverborn simply fought with blind hatred, amongst them Lilith's older sister Nekima who believed herself to be the rightful master of the Nephilim. Lilith however, watched and waited, biding her time and learning what she could of the invaders, including how to counter their magics. When the moment came to purge their world of the infestation, Nekima gorged herself on the blood of humans, while Lilith took a more subtle course, using her stolen knowledge to overcome human sorcery. It was Lilith who closed the breach and, when the dust settled, Lilith who stood as queen of the Nephilim, much to her sister's fury.  

Now that the Breach has been reopened, Lilith is frequently featured as number one on the Guild's Most Wanted list, her "Have You Seen Me?" posters as common in the city of Malifaux as those of notorious Resurrectionist serial killer Seamus.

The first Neverborn to ever give her name, unlike many of her kind Lilith employs tactics which cause maximum bloodshed to the humans that she so despises. Her modus operandi involves appearing from nowhere with her murderous brood of Nephilim, slaughtering anyone and anything unfortunate enough to get in her way, then melting back into the shadows from whence she came. To this end, the Mother of Monsters has become something of a boogeyman to the people of Malifaux, a monster to scare their children with; if you don't go to bed when you're told, Lilith will come get you . . .

Powers and Abilities Edit

Blood Magic Edit

  • Lilith practices a form of vampirism enabling her to draw magical energy from her opponent's blood with which to empower her own sorcery.

Elemental Control Edit

  • As the Master of Malifaux, Lilith can cause localised earthquakes.

Teleportation Edit

  • She is capable of limited teleportation, both of herself and others.

Illusions Edit

  • The Mother of Monsters can cast various illusions, although other Nephilim are not affected by these. 

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