Lighthammer - Blade II

Lighthammer is a supporting character from Blade II. He is a member of the Bloodpack, a team of vampires trained to hunt and kill Blade. He appears to be the lover of fellow Bloodpack member Verlaine. He is recognised by the Maori tattoos adorning his face and also by his signature weapon: a warhammer with an extending spike on the back of its head.

History Edit

When Lighthammer and the Bloodpack met Blade in 2002, they had joined forces to combat a new mutant breed of vampires known as "Reapers". The group went hunting at a massive vampire safehouse known as the House of Pain where, surely enough, they encountered the creatures. Lighthammer fought one on his own, but his attacks seemed to have little effect. The Reaper overpowered Lighthammer and wounded him, even managing to bite him briefly before he was rescued by Verlaine.

Lighthammer appeared to have come away from the conflict without any lasting damage, his wounds quickly regenerating due to his vampiric healing ability. However, he had become infected with the Reaper virus and would eventually turn into one.

Lighthammer reaper

Lighthammer as a Reaper

Two days later, Blade led the Bloodpack into the sewers of Prague where the Reapers were congregating. The group was divided into three units, with Lighthammer joining Verlaine and Snowman. While down in the sewers, Lighthammer succumbed to his infection and fully transformed into a Reaper, losing all previous familiarity with his comrades and being reduced to a savage beast. He attacked Snowman and killed him, then tried to consume his lover Verlaine. Verlaine ran and climbed up a ladder toward a manhole. She opened the manhole, allowing sunlight to pour through and disintegrate both herself and Lighthammer at once.

Abilities and weaknesses Edit

Lighthammer possesses all the same strengths common among vampires: superior strength, agility, reflexes and stamina as well as accelerated healing and stunted ageing. He also shares all the same weaknesses: allergies to garlic and silver, fatal intolerance for sunlight and needs to feed on human blood to survive.

After transforming into a Reaper, Lighthammer became even stronger and more bloodthirsty. He also became immune to silver and garlic, though he retained his vulnerability to sunlight.

Weapons and equipment Edit

Lighthammer wears black body armour and wields a warhammer with which to batter enemies to the ground. A metal spike extends from the back of the maul's head, allowing Lighthammer to stake opponents.

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