Leroy Gomm was a character from Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.


A short, overweight man with blackened teeth, Leroy sports a pair of long retractable tentacles which sprout from his ample stomach. Each of these tentacles ends in a three-taloned claw which surrounds a baleful yellow-and-red eye. Leroy prefers to dress himself in the manner of his circus days and likes to wear copious amounts of vulgar golden jewellery.


In the days of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Family Gomm was known throughout Europe as the greatest clown troupe of their age. In a misguided effort to preserve the purity of their comedic genius, the Gomm family Patriarch instituted a program of interbreeding, a practice which inevitably resulted in the family's degradation of both mind and body.

There were, however, a couple of unusual surprises along the way, Leroy "Just call me King" Gomm being by far the strangest. By the time of his birth, the Patrarch Gomm was extremely advanced in years, but he was still capable of teaching the youngsters some of his tricks. And so it was one day when his father was teaching Leroy the art of eel-juggling, that the old man took his last breath. Leroy, truly free for the first time in his life, spirited his father's corpse off to bury in the Necropolis of Midian. There, he can visit it whenever he likes, and Leroy is delighted that each passing day makes the smile on his sire's face ever wider.

Leroy was one of those who participated in the failed defence of Midian when the xenocidal Sons of the Free attacked and destroyed the subterranean city, his extra appendages making him a formidable opponent. Afterwards, he was one of the Nightbreed who managed to escape the destruction along with several others.