The Lepotitsa (derived from the Serbian word "Lepotica", meaning "feminine beauty") is a creature that appears in Resident Evil 6. It is a complete mutation of a C-virus host utilized by The Family as a B.O.W.. This hideous creature is capable of releasing the C-virus in gas form, turning any unfortunate victims in its vicinity into zombies.


This creature is taller than the average male human with pale yellow-green skin. Its limbs are long and lanky with long pointed fingers. The primary feature of this B.O.W. is its torso, consisting of bulbous pores that are capable of emitting a bright blue toxin. This toxin causes a C-Virus infection that mutates those that inhale it into zombies.

As well as releasing C-virus gas from its pores, the Lepotitsa possesses a long, worm-like tongue that it will force down victim's throats, killing them instantly. When it uses its tongue, the creature's head splits open.


The head of the Lepotitsa is its main weak spot and weapons with high accuracy are recommended for killing these creatures. Sniper rifles are the ideal weapons for taking down these monsters as shooting the torso can cause the pores to spray toxic gas that will result in infection, so melee attacks, automatic weapons and shotguns are ill-advised.