The Leaper is a type of Necromorph that has appeared in every Dead Space game to date. Named by their ability to leap about, these creatures are among the deadliest of Necromorphs.

Description Edit

Formed from a single human corpse, the Leaper appears to have been reduced to just an upper body. The legs have mostly been discarded, the remaining muscle and ligaments fusing with the internal organs to form a long spindly tail like a scorpion's, ending in a wickedly sharp bone tip. The Leaper's spinal ridges have grown and pushed their way out of its back and the bones in the forearms have bent outwards, tearing the flesh that contained them. The creature's jaw has also reconfigured into a set of horrific mandibles capable of biting off a human's head.

Behaviour Edit

Leapers, as the name implies, can quickly spring across distances in order to intercept victims or evade attackers. Capable of creeping across walls and ceilings, they are most commonly found in zero-g areas. They attack by whipping and stabbing with their tails or by pouncing on prey in order to bite off their heads.

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