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Las Plagas are a breed of parasitic creatures that have appeared in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. Their name is derived from plaga, the Spanish word for plague. Originally, these organisms were discovered centuries ago in rural Spain by a religious society known as Los Illuminados ("The Enlightened Ones"), who used the parasites to gain new members. The Salazars - a regal family - sealed the Plaga away underground after they witnessed the parasites' effects on people.


Resident Evil 4Edit

Fossilized Plagas
In modern times, the Plaga parasites were unearthed again by Ramon Salazar, eighth castellan of the Salazar Family, who had been swayed by the then-leader of the Illuminados cult, Osmund Saddler. The parasites appeared to have died off during their isolation, but had survived at the microscopic level as spores. When the fossilized Plagas were excavated, the miners inhaled the spores which would develop into complete Plagas over a number of years, ressurrecting the species. Lord Saddler used the parasites to take control of the local inhabitants of the region.

Saddler - a megalomaniac who harboured a deep resentment for the United States - wanted to use Las Plagas as his instrument for seizing control of the entire world. To this end, he and his followers hired genetic researchers and invested in medical technology to create a variety of bio-organic weapons that utilized the parasites. He arranged for the abduction of the US President's daughter, intending to infect her with a Plaga then send her home as a puppet under his control, who would infect the President with a parasite and bring the US government under the influence of the Illuminados. Saddler's plan was thwarted by US secret service agent Leon S. Kennedy, who fought the maniacal cultist and destroyed his organization. This did not spell the end for Las Plagas, however, as Ada Wong - an agent from an unnamed organization - had procured samples of both subordinate and dominant-strain Plaga, providing other parties the means to genetically breed the parasites.

Resident Evil 5Edit

Las Plagas would reappear in 2009 in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone in Africa. Albert Wesker - a former researcher of the now defunct Umbrella Corporation and bioterrorist - had acquired the original parasite from Spain and was working with pharmaceutical giant Tricell Inc. to enhance its properties and use it to produce a new breed of B.O.W.'s. Wesker had hired bio-weapons smuggler Ricardo Irving to unleash the parasites upon Kijuju, which was already in a state of civil unrest. Those infected with the parasites became highly aggressive and underwent bizzare mutations, gaining enhanced strength and resilience and in many cases turning into creatures that barely resembled a human being. With a newly designed Plaga strain, Wesker had created an army of superhuman puppets to assist him with his Uroboros project.

Plaga sub-speciesEdit

Subordinate PlagaEdit

Subordinate-type Plagas are typically injected into a victim's bloodstream while still in egg form. When they hatch, the parasite quickly grows and will seize control of the host's higher reasoning functions, elevating a person's aggressive tendencies and enhancing the host's physical strength and endurance. Subordinate Plaga hosts can be manipulated by those who bare dominant-strain Plagas.

Dominant PlagaEdit

This Plaga breed was created via genetic modification and is capable of granting extraordinary abilities to a host without the host losing any of its mental faculties. Dominant-type hosts are capable of controlling subordinate-type hosts completely, compelling them to obey any command. They also completely retain their own will and the dominant-type Plaga can also trigger various mutations in its host. These mutations differ with each host.

Leech PlagaEdit

Leech Plaga have only been found infesting the bodies of Regeneradores, humanoid B.O.W.'s developed by Los illuminados. Several of these parasites inhabit a single Regenerador and contribute to its ability to rapidly regenerate any wounds it receives. The only way to quickly kill a Regenerador is by killing the parasites within the body, which can only be seen using thermal imaging equipment.

Type-2 PlagaEdit

This Plaga variant was created by Tricell, Inc. after researching the original Plaga samples recovered by Wesker. By combining the original Plaga with leech DNA, Tricell developed a parasitic organism capable of maturing without a host that could then be implanted into a person and take control of them in a matter of seconds as opposed to hours or days with the original Plagas. While the original parasites could only take full control if the host was willing, Type-2 Plagas could seize control of unwilling victims as well. Tricell infected many residents of Kijuju by force-feeding the parasites to a handful of people and then commanding them to infect others.

Type-3 PlagaEdit

Similar to the Type-2 but created by introducing the genes of a dominant-type Plaga to a subordinate-type. Like the Type-2, it could be force-fed to individuals and turn them into mindless puppets within seconds, though this type could trigger more visible mutations in its hosts. Tricell infected the Ndipaya - the native aborigine tribe of Kijuju - with Type-3 Plagas and many of them displayed visible changes such as expanded muscle tissue in the forearms and expansion of the heart causing it to erupt from the person's chest. However, this exposed organ did not represent a weakness. The infected Ndipaya displayed a great increase in strength, speed and dexterity, and even seemed to be capable of making tremendous jumps. Some of them even increased in height, becoming as tall as 3 meters.

Plaga types (Ganados)Edit

Type AEdit

Las plagas
In Resident Evil 4, when some Ganados are killed, their heads will explode and the mature Plaga will emerge from the host's neck stump. The Type A appears to be a pulsating blob of diseased flesh with a bulging eye on a stalk and a long tentacle ending in a sharp blade of bone. These creatures will move toward prey relentlessly and slash at them with their bladed tentacles. They are the weakest of the Plaga types.

Type BEdit

525548-image2 large
The Type B Plaga is hosted by the Illuminados zealots that inhabit Castle Salazar. When a zealot is severely wounded, the parasite will rip its way out of the host's neck with the human head still hanging on by connected skin tissue. This parasite attacks by trying to devour its prey's head in one bite.

Type CEdit

An insect-like creature with numerous legs that end in sharp points. Between the legs is a web of membranous flesh, possibly used to reduce a potential host's struggles by hindering its breathing. Emerging from the Plaga's tail are a number of small tentacles; these may be part of an ovipositor organ. In Resident Evil 4, certain Illuminados zealots bare these Plagas, which will emerge if the host is killed. The parasite cannot survive long without a host and will attempt to infest another person if one is nearby, attacking them by mauling them with its many legs or by spitting an acidic substance from its mouth. It could be that an adult Plaga separated from its host cannot infest another person and will try to implant eggs in a victim before it dies, but this is not confirmed.

Plaga types (Majini)Edit


Majini con Machete

A Majini revealing its Plaga mandibles

The hatchling form of Tricell's Plaga is in full control of its host, but it cannot manipulate the body if the host's brain is destroyed, unlike fully grown Type-2's. When a Majini grapples a potential victim, the parasite emerges from the host's mouth in the form of four brown, petal-shaped mandibles. The Majini will then use these mandibles to rip away the victim's face or even completely pull the head off.


300px-Maijini cephalo
A mature Plaga that erupts from a Majini's neck stump if the head is destroyed. It appears as a centipede-type creature with a long tentacle-shaped head that ends in a jagged blade. The Cephalo will use its bladed head to slash at nearby enemies, so maintaining distance is advised due to the creature's impressive reach. Once the parasite emerges, attacking its host body does little damage and can only be killed quickly by aiming for the parasite itself.


Kipepeo are flying Plaga-type B.O.W.'s that mature within some Majini hosts, then erupt from the host body if it is killed. They are named after the Swahili word for 'butterfly', which is appropriate given their shape. Kipepeo can apparently survive without a host for a considerable length of time given that they have been encountered without hosts as well as with. They will fly directly at prey and attempt to strangle them with the tentacle-like tail. They are quite weak, however, and can be put down with relatively little ammunition.


This abomination is the rarest form of Plaga to come from Majini hosts and the most terrifying. When it emerges, it rips open the host's entire upper body, dragging the mangled torso and ribcage of the host along like an obscene tail. The Duvalia appears as some kind of flower-shaped crustacean; it is little more than a gruesome maw on top of a pair of human legs. Its movements are slow and it cannot jump or climb, but killing it can be tricky as its maw stays closed until it gets close; bullets will just ricochet off of its carapace. When up close, the Duvalia will either bludgeon its enemy to death by slamming them to the ground with its closed maw, or open its maw to engulf prey and eat a victim's whole upper body. Shooting the Duvalia's legs or tail can stun it and cause its maw to hang open. The inside of its mouth is its weak point and a few shotgun blasts will be enough to kill it. Explosives such as grenades are also effective.


All Plaga variants are vulnerable to strong light. Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to them and using weapons such as flashbang grenades against an exposed Plaga will instantly kill it and cause it to disintegrate.

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