Large Body

The Large Body is an Emblem Heartless that has appeared throughout the Kingdom Hearts video game series. Among the toughest of the common Heartless, they have massive, rounded bodies that are resistant to attacks.

Behaviour Edit

In battle, Large Bodies use their bulk to block Sora's attacks and then counter-attack by swinging their huge arms. While usually slow, they are capable of performing a charging attack, running at distant opponents and slamming into them to knock them down. In addition to the aforementioned attacks, Large Bodies can also produce shockwaves by jumping and landing on the floor.

Weaknesses Edit

The Large Body's weak spots are its head and back. Frontal assaults will have no effect as Sora's Keyblade strikes will just bounce off the torso. Sora must jump up and strike the Large Body's head or otherwise get behind it and strike its back. Large Bodies know to guard their rears and will turn swiftly, but will be vulnerable briefly after performing a body slam attack.

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