Blue landwhale

The Landwhale is a giant, worm-like Blue variant from the anime series Blue Gender. These creatures were largely found in desert areas, hunting down human stragglers that had taken to a nomadic lifestyle and avoided population centres where the Blue were present in large numbers.

Physiology Edit

Reaching up to 100 feet in length, Landwhales are the largest of the known Blue forms. Residing underground, they rapidly burrow through the earth in pursuit of prey. Their long bodies are covered in rock-hard plates adorned with spikes which aid in their movement and serve to tear through terrain and objects when the Landwhale is charging. Several long blade-like spines also protrude from the creature's back. The Landwhale's mouth consists of three triangular mandibles surrounding a spherical maw or beak. The core organ is located within a small gap between the Landwhale's armour plates on the back of its head, making it extremely difficult to target.

Abilities Edit

Landwhales are capable of burrowing through the ground at high speeds. As they charge, they extend the bladed fins on their backs out of the ground, allowing them to shred straight through vehicles or obstacles. Landwhales are also capable of compacting the earth, rock and minerals they collect in their maws to create projectiles that they then spit at enemies with the force of a cannon.

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