Lakitu 3

Lakitu is a variety of Koopa that has appeared in many titles of the Super Mario video game series. These creatures serve Bowser as aerial scouts and bombardiers, flying all over the Mushroom Kingdom and surrounding lands on small clouds adorned with smiling faces. Lakitus' primary form of attack is throwing Spiny eggs at their enemies which will hatch as soon as they hit the ground. There have, however, been different Lakitu variants appearing across the various Mario games which behave differently, such as Lakitus emerging from pipes, Lakitus holding fishing rods with coins, 1-Up Mushrooms or fireballs dangling from their lines and Lakitus that throw Piranha Plant eggs. Less aggressive Lakitus have also appeared in the Mario Kart, Mario Party and various Mario sports titles fulfilling roles such as cameramen, referees and signal carriers.

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