Throughout history every deity has had its good or evil counterpart. But what about everyones favourite giver of gifts, bringer of cheer and all round good-doer Santa Claus? This brings us to a lesser known creature which has been lost in most writings due to the christianisation of Northern and Central Europe, The Krampus.

Lore Edit

Upon the eve of Yuletide the Krampus visits the home of misbehaving children to deal the necessary retribution and punishment for their misdeeds. He often appears alongside St. Nicholas to judge the bad from good and track down the young hellions in Alpine regions. After locating the naughty child he places them in a large sack which he carriers over his shoulder; he uses the sack as a means to carry the children to his lair, commonly a large cave. In his lair he keeps the children prison and punishes them, possibly by means of torture, according to the severity and number of their misdemeanors.

Appearance Edit

He bears a demonic and warped countenance consisting of a goats head, red skin, razor sharp teeth, a fur covered body and an unusually long tongue which he uses to catch children who attempt to flee. In feet he is around 6ft but is constantly hunched over due to the great weight of the infants which he carries.

Powers Edit

  • Night vision- he has to carry the children back to his pitch black cave lair at night
  • Strength- he possesses unnatural strength as he must carry the unfortunate infants over his shoulder
  • Speed- he can travel very quickly in order to collect the majority of the misbehaving children

Krampusnacht Edit

On the night of the day afore Christmas Eve offerings of Krampus Schnapps, an incredibly strong fruit brandy, are left on doorsteps. This was, and still is, celebrated in German and Alpine communities. Traditionally revellers will dress themselves as the demonic creature and parade the streets carrying lit torches to ward off evil.

The Krampus

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