Kraid is an extremely corpulent three-eyed creature that appears in the Metroid video game series, most notably the original game, its Zero Mission remake and Super Metroid. This enormous alien creature may seem a feral beast, but is actually a high-ranking Space Pirate and was part of the Space Pirates' occupying force on Zebes.

Virtually nothing is known about Kraid; his species and planet of origin remain a mystery, as are the details of his affiliation with the Space Pirates. What is known is that he was part of the Pirate force that conquered Zebes, coordinating their efforts alongside fellow Pirate commander Ridley. He is also one of the largest enemies that Samus Aran has ever fought, standing at nearly 50 feet tall.

Abilities Edit

Kraid's body is made of layers of thick blubber covered in dense scaly hide, making him immune to conventional attacks. In his battles with Samus Aran, he attacks by flailing his clawed arms and also by launching the sharp spines protruding from his belly. These spines are hard enough to deflect Samus' weaponry and will become embedded in the walls. They are sturdy enough for Samus to use as temporary footholds.

Weakness Edit

Kraid's only vulnerable spot is his mouth. Weapons will not penetrate his thick hide, but missiles fired into his mouth will damage him. Samus must use Kraid's own launched spines as platforms to reach the right elevation to fire into his mouth.

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