Kolca Threeflies is a character who appeared in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.

Description Edit

Kolca, who also goes by the names of the Noy and Miss Stench, is a grotesque humanoid creature with a green, wattled head and a bloated, knobby neck. She is said to stink to the high heavens as she has not bathed in over twenty years, nor has she moved a single step from where she stands.

History Edit

The last of her tribe (known as the Christians, a race of beings who could claim that title as their own ten thousand years before the birth of Jesus as they inhabited the Isle of Christi, a place lost to the murky depths in the same world-shattering event which befell Atlantis), Kolca and a handful of her kin escaped the cataclysm of her homeland to eventually come to rest in Midian.

Since the last of her comrades passed on over two decades ago, Kolca has refused to wash; she claims that the dead cells of these creatures still cling on to her in the places where she pressed their dying bodies against her own, and believes that, once she finds a place of power to rest in, these lost loved ones will once again spring forth from that which they left behind. 

It should be noted that, in spite of both her name and her smell, flies will come nowhere near Kolca. She is, as she herself says, "Too much crawled upon."

What happened to Kolca after the Sons of the Free attacked and destroyed Midian is unknown, but due to her reluctance to move it is possible that she died during the conflict.          

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