Kinski was a character from Clive Barker's 1988 novel Cabal, it's 1990 movie adaptation Nightbreed, and all of their associated media.


Kinski appears to be a regular human being in every aspect except for his face. Kinski's entire head is shaped like the crescent moon.


In Paris, France, young Leon Kinski fell for a beautiful woman called Kathleen, but his love was not reciprocated as Kathleen felt that Leon was not attractive enough for her. Seeking a solution to his problem, Leon approached a pharmacist named Anton. Anton sold Kinski a vial of Saint Victor's Dissolution, said to unlock his restrictions. However, after taking the serum, some unexpected side effects took hold of the young man and he fell asleep while fascinated by the moon. Upon waking, Kinski found that his face had been transformed into the image of the crescent moon, and, dejected, he took to the road, eventually finding his way to a place in Midian amongst the Tribes of the Moon.

Kinski was one of the Nightbreed who managed to escape the destruction of Midian at the hands of the xenocidal Sons of the Free.