MMPR King Sphinx

King Sphinx is a sphinx-based monster created by Finster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He appeared in the episode "A Pressing Engagement".

History Edit

Rita Repulsa had devised a plan to thwart the Power Rangers by targeting their team leader, the Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott. Using his space clay and a sample of Egyptian sand, Finster created King Sphinx and Rita sent him to Earth to attack the Power Rangers one by one and banish them far away.

With the other Rangers dispersed, King Sphinx challenged Jason alone in a mountainous desert. He would later be backed up by Goldar, but Jason was able to hold his own until Zordon was able to send Jason the Power Crystals. Jason used the crystals to retrieve his friends and they summoned their Zords, combining them into the Megazord.

The Megazord fought against a giant-sized King Sphinx and Goldar who had been grown to towering heights by Rita's magic. After a lengthy battle, the Megazord destroyed King Sphinx with one strike of its Power Sword.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight - King Sphinx does not use this ability in the series, but has done so in his video game appearances.
  • Banishment - Using his wings, King Sphinx can warp his enemies to faraway places.
  • Energy Blasts - King Sphinx can cast magical blasts from his sceptre.

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