King Bulblin is the leader of the Bulblin hordes in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is recognized by his larger stature over standard Bulblins and the large pair of horns on his head. He is encountered numerous times in the game, always riding a Bullbo.

History Edit

King Bulblin is the one who shatters the peaceful life of Link and most Ordonians by invading the Ordona Province to clear the way for a Twilight portal to appear over the Ordon Spring. King Bulblin kidnaps the children of the village, but they manage to escape to Kakariko Village. He later kidnaps Colin and escapes to the centre of the Eldin Province, where a horseback battle takes place. Link must chase after him and slash off his armour while King Bulblin's legion of monsters chase him on Bullbos. After all of his armour is sliced off, the king retreats to the Bridge of Eldin, where he rides Lord Bullbo against Link in a jousting battle. Link must charge toward him, dodge, and attack. After several successful strikes against him, King Bulblin is flung off the bridge, snapping one of his horns in half.

He is fought again at the Great Bridge of Hylia. This time shooting arrows into the weak spots in his armour is effective. After Link defeats him, King Bulblin is flung over the side of the bridge snapping his other horn in half; but once again survives. Before entering the Arbiter's Grounds, he engages in a sword and axe duel with Link in a Bulblin camp. Upon his defeat, he sets the camp on fire, which Link manages to escape.

Link fights King Bulblin one last time in the courtyard of Hyrule Castle. His only lines of dialogue are during this encounter. Before the fight, he announces "I have come to play!" and then, after his defeat, he concedes the battle. Midna, is subsequently surprised that King Bulblin is actually capable of speech.

In the end credits, he is seen riding around Hyrule Field with both horns grown back, which may symbolize the Bulblins being at peace with the other Hyruleans.

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