Killdozer was the titular "monster" from a 1944 novella by Theodore Sturgeon, 1974 film Killdozer!, and a subsequent comic book adaptation by Marvel Comics.

Description Edit

The Killdozer was a large bulldozer which became possessed by a disembodied alien.

History Edit

After a small construction crew unearth a meteorite (an ancient stone temple in the novella) while working on an unnamed African island, the alien trapped within the rock emerges and possesses their bulldozer which then proceeds to hunt down and kill the unfortunate crew one by one.

Realising that conventional methods of dispatching an opponent will be completely useless against an enemy weighing upwards of 25 tons and made from industrial-grade steel, the two survivors eventually fashion a trap to electrocute the rampaging behemoth. As the Killdozer falls into the trap and is electrocuted, the ghostly form of the alien appears from the dozer, then slowly fades into nothing.

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