The Kihunters are sentient insectoid beings that have appeared in multiple titles across the Metroid game series. These aggressive insects are allied with the Space Pirates.

History Edit

Little is known about the origins of the Kihunters, though supposedly they come from another galactic body. They allied themselves with the Space Pirates some time prior to the Pirates' re-establishment of their operations on Zebes in Super Metroid, assisting them with reconstruction efforts and security. It is unknown where in the Pirates' hierarchy the Kihunters stand, though the Kihunters themselves have been known to follow directives given by a King Kihunter, as shown in Metroid: Other M. However, this king is not believed to serve as a hive consciousness to the other Kihunters.

Overview Edit

Kihunters are fast and ferocious predators. When an enemy is within their sights, they will fly towards it and relentlessly attack with ramming charges and by spitting acid. It is possible to shoot off their wings and rob them of the ability to fly, but they remain tenacious and will continue advancing on prey whilst spitting acid globules.

Variants Edit

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