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Kali is a bloodthirsty Hindu Goddess and wife of Shiva. She is known as a divine and unstoppable huntress of Demons and evil spirits.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Kali is a primordial Goddess of change, time and energy. She is believed to be the personification of the collective vengeful rage of all berieved women; be it mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, friends and lovers. She is a Goddess of absolute destructive potential, earning her the title "The Destroyer".

Immortality: Kali will live forever.

Superhuman Strength: Kali can rip even the greatest of Demons apart with her bare hands.

Superhuman Speed: Kali moves with blurring speed.

Invulnerability: Kali is immune to heat and truma. The full force of a flaming meteor impact has no effect on her, shattering on impact to her skin and not even moving her from her standing point.

Destruction: Like her husband, she has powers over destruction

Hunting Skills: Kali is a talented hunter of demons and monsters.

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