Kaim is a demon from the Devilman franchise with a pachyderm like body. His skin consisted of rough armour plates and he had two large spikes growing out of his shoulders. Unlike most demons, Kaim is not inherently evil and only fights when commanded by superior demons. He is in love with the bird demon Sirene.

History Edit

When Sirene attempted to kill Devilman, she found herself losing the battle and was grievously wounded. Calling out to Satan for reinforcements, her pleas were answered as several demons appeared to attack Devilman, Kaim among them. Kaim urged Sirene to meld with him, but Sirene refused as she had been gravely injured, fearing that if the two merged and her consciousness was the dominant of the two, her injuries would surely condemn Kaim to death as well. After confessing his love for Sirene, Kaim took the choice out of her hands by using his tail to rip off his own head. Sirene merged with Kaim and gained all of his powers and proceeded to attack Devilman again, who had been worn down after fighting and killing the other demons. Devilman appeared to have been defeated, but as he lay bleeding to death Sirene froze in place as she succumbed to her wounds and died, taking Kaim with her. Devilman actually survived Sirene's final assault and awoke alongside Ryo to find her as still as a statue, believing she had won but had in fact died in vain.

Powers and abilities Edit

Kaim's greatest asset is his brute strength. Like a rhinoceros, he will charge his foes and gore them upon his giant shoulder spikes. He can also fire magical blasts from these spikes and his armoured skin makes him highly resistant to attacks.

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