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Jason Voorhees is an undead serial killer, known from "Friday the 13th" horror film franchise. He is known for wearing a hockey mask and carrying a machete as his most favourite weapon. His habitat is Camp Crystal Lake in the state of New Jersey, where he stalks and brutally murders the campers.

Jason was born in 1946, his mother's name was Pamela Voorhees and father - Elias Voorhees. Unfortunately, Jason wasn't born as a normal child. He was born with a hydrocephalus, which made his head look larger than usual, and his face was deformed in the result. He was never accepted by his peers and was a target for constant bullying. So it continued till his presumed death in 1957, in Camp Crystal Lake, where his mother worked as a cook. Jason was bullied by children which resulted in falling into the lake and drowning. The counsellors weren't watching the children, being engaged in carnal lust. Jason disappeared in the waters of Crystal Lake.

Mrs. Voorhees, shocked by her son's death, began the killing spree to take revenge, killing the two counsellors in 1958, presumably the ones that were responsible for the children in the camp in 1957. She killed a bunch of people when one of the counsellors beheaded her. The rumours say that Jason witnessed her death that night and later took his revenge for his and his mother's death, killing the teenagers at the camp, who are into sex, drugs and alcohol. These are his number one victims. He is known actually for


murdering anyone who dares to step into the camp.

There's no secret, that Jason was the object of fear for many people who had seen the films (including myself), and it's no wonder. He became one of the most famous horror icons, together with another two famous antagonists from the other two well-knows franchises - Michael Myers from "Halloween" and Freddy Krueger from "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Although Jason is considered to be fictional by major part of people, but... There is one large "but". The members of a private paranormal investigative organization called "Mystic Investigations" have made shocking discoveries that Friday the 13th films are... based on true events. On the organization's site you can find an article, written by the president of the organization, who explains the mystery of Jason Voorhees. Here is the link to the article itself (all the rights belong to "Mystic Investigations"):

I would like to add that I'm in contact with the organization through Facebook, and I've asked them questions about Jason, including my several dreams about him (I often see different monsters in my dreams). They said the following:

"There haven't been any killings since the late 90's. Only ghostly sightings, and some minor hauntings by Jason. A paranormal team like ours took him down. However since his spirit is still alive there's always a chance of his resurrection. We found about about Jason like we find most paranormal things out. We simply have access to the real supernatural community, and the knowledge they possess. Dreaming about Jason might mean nothing or it might mean he's making contact with you. Worst case scenario - he wants to possess you in order to live again!"

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