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Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington
Full Name: Jack Skellington
Classification: Movie Monster
Created By: Tim Burton

Jack Skellington is the main protagonist in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is a variation on the human skeleton, and is the leader of Halloween Town. He abducts Santa Claws, imprisons him then attempts to impersonate him and gives mentally scarring presents to small children. His main love interest in the film is Sally, a rag doll like piecemeal. Sally also made him his Santa suit. His best friend is a ghost dog named Zero who guided his undead reindeer through the night sky with his blinking red nose. He also battled a creature called Oogie Boogie, who was a being whose flesh was a sack and innerds were insects. Jack is also a very skilled singer and was voiced by Chris Sarandon.

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