The Jabberwock S3 is a grotesque bio-organic weapon that appears in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.It was manufactured by a rival of Umbrella known only as the 3rd Organisation who produced these creatures using the T-Veronica virus, a variant of the T-virus.

The Jabberwock S3 appears to be semi-humanoid and possesses seven arms. Two of these arms are vestigial but the other five are perfectly suited for offence and defence, each one ending in a large, scythe-like claw. The creatures are also considerably more intelligent than other B.O.W.'s, capable of understanding orders and carrying them out under varied circumstances. In battle, the Jabberwock will typically adopt a defensive stance by shielding its head and vital areas with its hardened scythe-blades, then close in on a target slowly. Once it is close enough, it will strike out at enemies with all of its arms, tearing the enemy to pieces.

In 2002, the South American drug lord Javier Hidalgo purchased a number of Jabberwocks and other B.O.W.'s on the black market to protect his operation.