A J'avo from the Republic of Edonia

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A J'avo from China

NEO-Umbrella J'avo

A Neo-Umbrella trooper

J'avo are a highly efficient, versatile and deadly type of B.O.W. that appear in Resident Evil 6. They are human beings that have been infected with a primary strain of the C-virus, a new viral weapon created by Carla Radames, the leader of the bioterrorist group Neo-Umbrella. The name "J'avo" is derived from the Serbian word for "devil".


J'avo appear to be human when seen from a distance, but a closer look will reveal the horrific mutations they've undergone. There is significant discoloration of the face where patches of skin have torn, the teeth have become jagged and uneven and multiple white eyes with tiny pinprick irises have formed all over the forehead.

J'avo still retain most of their human intelligence and faculties, capable of organised strategy and can operate tools and machinery. They wield a variety of weapons in battle, such as sub-machine guns, machetes sniper rifles. Their greatest ability, however, is their capacity for mutation. When J'avo are injured, the injured parts of their bodies respond to the trauma by transforming and adapting, granting the J'avo new abilities. A list of known J'avo mutations has been compiled further down this page.

Despite their ability to regenerate and mutate, J'avo can still only take so much punishment before they die. The more a J'avo is injured, the higher its body temperature will rise due to the massive amounts of energy released by its metabolism at its body attempts to regenerate at such a rapid pace. If a J'avo is injured badly enough, its temperature will rise so high that its body will combust and disintegrate into ashes.

J'avo types

Edonian Liberation Army

The Edonian Liberation Army was an anti-government organisation fighting to overthrow the Edonia Republic during the Edonia Civil War in 2012. During their campaign, the ELA were contacted by Neo-Umbrella and offered samples of the C-virus, which were administered to all of the mercenaries. This was the first appearance of J'avo to the world at large and their use in the war provoked a response from the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), who sent in agents to eliminate any and all B.O.W.'s employed by the rebels.

ELA J'avo typically wear winter jackets and bandoliers and are equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, knives and rocket launchers.


Neo-Umbrella was a ruthless terrorist organisation founded by Carla Radames, creator of the C-virus. Named after the defunct Umbrella Corporation (which had collapsed following the Raccoon Trials in 2003), Neo-Umbrella launched a worldwide bioterror attack in 2013, with the intention of destroying human society and ushering in a new age of chaos. Neo-Umbrella's military forces consisted primarily of J'avo; most of the J'avo agents wore ceramic masks painted with an intricate, feline-esque pattern. They would carry various weapons such as sub-machine guns, knives and swords.

Neo-Umbrella also employed an elite J'avo division. These troopers all wore body armour and insect-like helmets and were armed with assault rifles, Uzis, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and wrist-mounted blades.

J'avo mutations

All J'avo demonstrate highly effective regenerative capabilities. They are able to completely heal heavily-damaged limbs, muscle-tissue, and skin in mere moments. These regenerative capabilities, however, have the tendency of being extremely erratic and can cause spontaneous mutations and evolution depending on where the J'avo was damaged. Interestingly, a J'avo is not limited to one mutation. It is possible for the same J'avo to experience multiple mutations such as a combination of a Moth Wing and the Ruka-srp or the Ruka-khvatanje and the Ruka-Bedem. It is unknown what other various combinations are possible.

Name Mutation Area Picture Description
Glava-Sluz Head

This mutation is triggered when the J'avo suffers heavy damage to the head. The creature spits a sticky, viscous fluid akin to webbing to constrain enemies that can leave them vulnerable to other attacks whilst they try to free themselves.The name means "Head-Slime" in Serbian.

Glava-Smech Head
When the head is damaged enough, the J'avo will mutate in this manner. It appears the torso ruptures open, causing the beetle-like mandibles to extend. The mutated creature will use these mandibles to pick a victim up into the air and either snip them or devour them like an insect. The name could possibly translate to "Head-Laughter".
Glava-Begunats Head
This variant comes from the head as the J'avo regenerates damage. Two different protrusions appear, one resembling the front/head of an insect, the other containing two small hook-like appendages. This type of mutation is very dangerous, as this mutation causes the J'avo to enter a berserk frenzy and will viciously attack until the prey is dead. The name could translate to "Head-Runner" or "Runaway head" from Serbian.
Glava-Dim Head
This mutation seems to come from the head. Several protrusions come in place as the J'avo regenerations, including something that resembles the stinger and abdomen of a bee or wasp or some sort. The creature emits a poisonous gas that damages and impairs vision. The name translates to "Head-Smoker"/"Head-Smoke"
Ruka-Srp Arm
The arm extends between the joints, causing the length to increase greatly as the hand mutates into a crude and brutal sickle. The end result is a limb that greatly resembles the arms of a praying mantis in the way it folds. The name could possibly translate to "Sickle arm".
Ruka-Khvatanje Arm
The limb becomes more rounded, longer, and wider. It ends with three pincers that are capable of grappling a person. The newly-mutated arm is able to stretch over great distances, bend around corners, and reach over cover. The name could possibly translate to "Arm to grab"/"catcher arm".
Ruka-Bedem Arm
The arm ruptures and splits apart as additional organic material grows. Thick muscle tissue covers the gaps from where the sections of the arm extends. The outside of the limb becomes covered with layered pieces of armoring. The J'avo will use this armor to shield thier head and body from damage. The name means "Arm-Wall".
Noga-Trchanje Leg
Sprouting from the back, a new abdomen and thorax resembling that of an insect's replaces the legs and leaves the upper body dangling. This form of mutated J'avo seems to primarily move and attack by pouncing. The name translated from Serbian as "Leg-Work"
Noga-Let Leg
The lower torso explodes, causing a moth-like body to erupt. A pair of large wings, capable of carrying the human torso, appear as well as a long-tailed stinger that is capable of piercing an unwary target. The name translates to "Leg-Flight"
Noga-Skakanje Leg
As the legs rupture, a new lower body grows in its place resembling an insect's thorax and abdomen, complete with large insect legs that are easily able to carry the weight of the J'avo and kick enemies. The name could possibly translate to "Leg-hopper"/"Leg-Jumps"
Noga-Oklop Leg
The legs of the J'avo split and expand as they mutate. This ends with the upper-body being carried by a pair of legs covered with insect-like carapace with some human bones protruding. The new legs enable them to perform powerful jumping kicks that can knock a target down. The name translates as "Leg-Armor"
Telo-Eksplozija Torso
This mutation causes the J'avo's torso to mutate into a grotesque cocoon. This mutation has no attacks and simply tries to get as close to you as possible. Upon death it will explode and damage anything in the vicinity. If shot in the legs, it will kneel over and explode in place. The name translates as "Body-Explosions"
Telo-Krljusht Torso

The J'avo encases its torso in scales that render its body immune to gunfire though it is still vulnerable to melee attacks and explosions.The name translates as "Body-Scale"

Telo-Magla Torso

The J'avo writhes on the ground and sprouts several appendages and what appear to be moth wings though it is incapable of movement once it has transformed. This mutation will constantly emit a poisonous gas until it is destroyed.The name translates as "Body-Mist"

Chrysalid Varied
This mutation can occur randomly whenever a J'avo is damaged, causing it to enter a stasis inside of a cocoon. The transformed creature that erupts from the cocoon can vary widely.